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Ye  Lassina  Coulibaly, Songwriter – Singer, Chevalier in the Burkina-Faso’s National Order of Merit of Literature, of Arts and of the Communication ( agraphe Music and Dance), member of the International Council of Dance at the UNESCO

As a world citizen, my goal at this time leads me in sharing with all of you my thoughts and concerns about the planet’s future.

My repertoire and my artistic research bear the imprint of these concerns: The water, drought, pollution of nature, human, education, economic and social justice, the alienation, the autonomy of peoples, the plunder of natural resources of poor countries, the drift of Western societies toward globalization.

As long as there will be operations where some persons, for profit, deliberately leave human beings in misery, as long as inequality and aberrations will lead many of us as well as the very principle of life on earth to high risk, my melodies will defend these causes.

On the planet, the elements are all different and complementary. But the human being does not respect enough these basic elements and gradually destroys our planet.

The economy of development has no color nor smell but men, once powerful, become proud and harden laws … Isn’t it time for the rich countries to share their wealth by being grateful and giving a lesson of humanity?

For example, if the United States became powerful, it is thanks to the economics of immigration and lobbies. The selective immigration has always existed, it is now assumed to protect the economy of rich countries. But when we buy the brain of a country, we participate in its loss.

We are in a world of beliefs, with several civilizations, surrounded by rational people, scientists, and we do not take into consideration enough of the invisible world.


The global model of industrial society, consumption, profit-seeking, globalization, instead of improving the human condition have only isolate, weaken his autonomy, taken away his part of humanity, cut him from the basic elements of nature.

The education of the child aims to his individual success and forget to put the man in connection with the wonders of nature and human values.

Since thedomination of money, solidarity and concern forthe otherdisappeared.Any exchangeis paid, it is believed that money buyseverything,but it’s wrong, themoney can’t buydignity.

Another world is possible, we are not condemned to suffer the ravages of globalization and the cynicism of the elite, we must look for alternatives.

My other peaceful engagement, it’s the struggle against racism that I also mention in my musical repertoire.

Musicbeyondits cultural andaesthetic valueshould primarilypromote communicationand opennessbetween peopleand generations,regardless of theirsocial background.

What can bring people together, it’s human fiber: emotion, shared pleasure, suffering, loneliness, isolation, the bag of personal desire that is never filled to the last breath…

We must tell people: the world is with you, it is not dangerous, but the bearer of wealth, understanding it through cultural diversity is already learning how to live better together.

The first thing, for civilizations to respect each other, is that humanity takes into account the value of each culture regardless of their mode of expression, considers all civilizations in their diversity and complementarity in order to banish all notion of superiority or inferiority.

Each of usmust open its mind to realizethat ourown cultureis valued bytheculture of others.

See the human behind the different origin makes you want to approach him to understand and identify the fear that prevents people from knowing.

My modest experience allows me to testify that the difference is always strange … Aren’t we all strangers when we are in front of others who do not know us?

Fear and apathy prevent them from recognizing the wealth of humanity: only one race, the human one.

The humans, the laws cultivate barriers, and judge by appearances.

Ifeveryone spokemore withhis heartrather thanhis head we would avoidhatredand isolation.

Nature didn’t err by giving wisdom to men regardless of color and continents.

I’d like to salute the people who, through their courage, talent, openness to others or resistance, defended and argued for human rights in their differences: a very great lady dancer-choreographer Elsa Wolliaston who did recognize the African dance as an art form with the French Federation of dance and the Ministry of culture, the great men Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, humanist and poet Aimé Césaire, historian anthropologist Cheikh Anta Diop, the great singer-songwriters Claude Nougaro, Jacques Higelin, Peter Gabriel, Salif Keita, Johnny Clegg, Youssou N’Dour and Mory Kante, Toure Kunda and Manu Dibango, the storyteller-philosopher Gabriel Kinsa, .the songwriters and singers Catherine Lara, Nina Simone and Rachelle Ferell, singer and bandleader Fela Kuti, actors and philosophers Akogno Dolo and Sotigui Kouyaté, the director Peter Brook, the humanist Raoul Follereau, comedian Michel Colucci said Coluche, a great actor of culture Alain Meilland.